Real-Time Enterprise Embedded

Mimer SQL Mobile is a multi user DBMS with full SQL support which enables you to deploy
complete database applications on hand-held devices, mobile phones and other small
appliances. Mimer SQL Mobile can also transform your handheld device into an
application server for multiple clients.

With support for all leading smartphone brands like Samsung, Huawei, Sony Mobile,
Xiaomi, Toshiba, LG, Oppo, ZTE, Vivo, Lenovo, you can develop
your database application once and deploy everywhere.
 Android, Windows and more..
The small footprint, full function relational database manager Mimer SQL Mobile allows data sharing between the applications on the mobile device under full concurrency control, and the enterprise class performance of Mimer SQL .

Mobile outperforms other mobile data management solutions. The multi-threaded database server architecture makes it possible to fully utilize multi-core hardware technologies. Therefore, Mimer SQL Embedded is a powerful tool for embedded device manufacturers to build more competitive solutions in a shorter time.

Mimer SQL Mobile is currently available on a wide range of mobile and embedded platforms including Android, Linux, Nucleus, OSE and Windows Mobile. Mimer SQL Mobile can also be provided in tailor-made versions according to the hand-set manufacturer’s requirements for functionality, footprint and HW/OS platform.
  Multi user data access
   Zero-maintenance run-time environment
  Transaction control and recovery
  Full SQL including procedures and triggers
  Standard interfaces (ODBC, .NET, C++, Java)


More information about Mimer SQL Mobile can be found in the Mimer SQL Technical Description white paper or at the Mimer Developer's web site


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